International Trends & Services:

The Links, Incorporated has a mission through it’s Global Trilogy of International Trends and Services, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and the Signature Program, “Education Across the Miles” to expand the global platform for programs designed and developed to service the educational, health and cultural needs of people of African descent throughout the world.

Co-sponsored “Thula Sizwe”, a South African acappella group

International Family Fest in partnership with Catholic Charities

MAAMA Kits for safe birthing by South African Women

Memory Cloths to aid in the healing of South African women

International Children’s Fair

Gift of a heifer in partnership with Heifer International

  • Chair: Beverly Reid
  • Kym Ammons Scott
  • Carol Burrell
  • Thembi Conner Garcia
  • Wanda Holloway
  • Mimi Raoul Volmer