Annual Taking S.T.E.P.S. Breast Cancer Awareness


Hello Friends,

October 2020 was Breast Cancer Awareness month. But due to COVID 19, we were not able to gather for our in-person, breast health education and awareness event: “Taking Steps” Together Saves Lives.

However, “The Links” are still fully committed to pushing forward and did not allow social distancing to stop us from mobilizing. The Central Illinois Chapter of the Links Inc., again partnering with Susan G. Komen, Memorial Affiliate, were charged with making a difference. Our commitment is to transforming our thinking and equipping the community with tools and information needed in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Throughout October 2020, we took advantage of our digital capabilities and shared weekly information on Total Body Health and Wellness--with an emphasis on Breast Health. Each week, our website and social media highlighted insightful information from previous “Taking Steps” speakers, as well as material from additional sources and new panelist.

Let’s take a ‘Digital Step’ together. It could help you save your life.