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Health and Human Services

The Links, Incorporated established the Health and Human Services facet in response to the chronic health disparities that persist in black communities and result in the decreased life expectancy of African Americans and other people of African ancestry. The goal of HHS is to promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health and the elimination of chronic health disparities in communities of color through education, health advocacy, and optimal utilization of health resources. Community education about health risks is crucial and The Links, Incorporated plays a significant role in providing it.

HealthyLinks Signature Program

HeartLinks encourages Links members and the communities we serve to take an aggressive stance against heart disease, the number one killer of African-American women. HeartLinks accomplishes its goal by equipping our members with numerous ways to implement heart healthy programs and activities in their communities including: Walk for a Healthy Living Program, Childhood Obesity Prevention Program, Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program, and Red Dress events.

Walk For Healthy Living is designed to encourage Links members, their families, and the communities we serve to improve their health by walking more. Physical activity is an integral part of a long term overall health strategy.We support this by sponsoring Links Walk-a-Thons throughout our communities during the last weekend in September, and by challenging community and Links members to take 10,000 steps each day. As we continue to promote exercise, our membership is committed to walking 75 million steps by The Links 75th anniversary in 2021.

“Linked in Friendship, Connected in Service”

“Linked in Friendship, Connected in Service”